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Hey #nutscapers! We missed you. After the tragic events in Paris, which involved one of our friends, we decided to take a break from #nutscaping, we spent entire days worrying about her and honestly didn’t have the mind to think and post about #nutscaping. Now she is fine, she’s recovering well, so our mind cleared up and, damn! WE ARE THE NUTSCAPING REVOLUTION!

So……… We are BACK.

What’s more beautiful than a picture of a landscape, with the glory of nature in front of your eyes? I’ll tell you what: a landscape with NUTS on it! Yes! A NUTSCAPE! A picture with Testicles, Balls, Gonads, you name it… Go ahead and take a look at the most amazing collection depicting the fine art of NUTSCAPING, we have prepared this just for you! FUCK YEAAAH, NUTSCAPES!

– Stay tuned for more updates… –