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How to Nutscape


Nutscaping, as already mentioned, is not the mere act of taking a picture which shows your gonads on beautiful natural scenery. It is an art and as such should be treated with care and dedication. Here for you, the steps to follow to achieve the perfect nutscape to show to your friends, family and loved ones:

Step 1 – Find an amazing place

Somewhere in nature is preferred, although not mandatory. Make sure the place is beautiful to look at (remember you’ll add your balls to it. You need to compensate, somehow). Look at the landscape intensely. Feel it.

Step 2 – Turn Around…

…and drop your pants and undies. Slowly, with glory, with a challenging attitude, it doesn’t matter. Drop them down and let them nuts hanging. Feel the gentle breeze caressing them or let them soak the rain if you’re nutscaping during a storm. Let the balls and the place become one.

Step 3 – Take your camera or your smartphone…

…and think for a moment about the fact that you’ll be making history in a few seconds.

Step 4 – Bend over and shoot Nutscape through your legs.

This is, without doubt, the hardest step. Be careful when bending over. We will not stress this enough, SAFETY COMES FIRST. Be gentle with yourself and get help from a friend, if you are in difficulty. They will go the extra mile, for this noble cause. Set the picture to show the balls hanging from the upper part. The entire ballsack can be shown in the picture, although nutscapiquette (nutscape etiquette) dictates that only about 30% should be visible (remember the act is mainly about nature). Savior the moment for an instant, look at your balls on that incredible scenery and shoot.

Step 5 – Upload your picture!  (put your pants back on first)

You did it! your nutscape is ready to be shared (remember: sharing is caring!). Do it on Facebook ( – Don’t forget to like the page) or on Twitter, using our page ( or the hashtags #nutscapingcom or #nutscapemania. You will be added to our gallery of nutscapes aficionados and the shape of your testicles will be known to the entire world.