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NUTS OF FAME 2015-10-30

Andy Warhol said one day: “In the future everyone will have their fifteen miNUTS of fame“. As pioneers of nutscape mania, we at like to go above and beyond this limit. With us, every nutscaper will have an eterNUTy of fame! Where? Here in our NUTS OF FAME, the special leaderboard we prepared for you and your nutscaper friends!

But remember, only the best 5 nutscapes of the day will have the honour to be added to this collection of fine art, so to have their gonads under the spotlights of the internet!

Win a place amongst the best! #showusyourballs!

Instagram user @reevzy87 has a very nice view from his house's window. Nutscaping was quite easy i guess.

A big classic. Athens, Greek Temple, two big nuts, and a nutscape is served.

The sun is falling under the ground, and the nuts watch it dying slowly while the sky's getting some orange stripes. Nutscaping poetry.

Nutscaping mania

You look for silence, for relax, for meditation's time, for uncontamined nature, and what you get is a nutscape. Well, it went better than expected, you're not one of those hipsters.... or are you?

All those sharp rocks pointing to those nuts, the nuts eclipse, mountains, forest, nature. The best nutscape for today. The first NUTS OF FAME winner.

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