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NUTS OF FAME 2015-10-31

Halloween… well, #Balloween is here, everybody! The scariest night of the year, where anything can happen and monsters and zombies come out of their closets to eat some candies and scare your friends off… It’s also a night of fun, of pretending… goliardy and nutscaping.

For us, it’s a night of celebration Our #balls come out of their closets to offer you the scariest #nutsoffame of the year! So… buckle up and enjoy! #nutsortreat

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for the scary content of these #nutscapes .By entering this page, you agree to the rules of the council of wizards and sorcery of #nutscapia . Watch at your own risk… if you’ve got #balls to do it…

One of the most romantic places on Earth, Paris, with view on the Sacre Coeur church, to celebrate la vie en #nuts... This has been sent from an unknown fan which, nonetheless, deserves a place into the nutscaping Olympus. Bien joué!

Nutscaping mania

What lies at the end of the rainbow? Guys, you should know better than us right now.. A pair of balls, of course! (and people are still looking for the pot of gold, ha!). Somewhere / over the rainbow / nuts up high... Stunning.

We are not sure if Nasa follows our page, but this is really suspicious... Has the #nutscapemania gone too far? 1 thing is for sure: it went too far in space! #skyisNOTthelimit. Happy Halloween everybody!

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