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NUTS OF FAME 2015-11-02

Monday is monday with or without Nutscapes to watch in the morning, while drinking a hot cup of coffee.
But, let’s be honest: these nutscapes made this monday a little bit less monday than usual.

And also today we have the top #3 nutscapes of the day, a new NUTS OF FAME.

Surf. A pair of nuts. And a friend dancing something similar to Macarena. While surfing. What else?


The magnificent autumn, with the yellow and red leafs all over the ground, yellow trees, a soft wind, a pair of nuts, that feeling of melancholy and peace inside you. Instagram user mark_legions knows how to transform all these words in a picture.


Today the autumn seems to be the central theme. Can you blame us? This photograph is wonderful, you can literally see the essence of the season through this nutscape, made by our Instagram fellow nutscaper _postmodem


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