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NUTS OF FAME 2015-11-03


We apologize for the delay, we know how much you were looking forward to take a look at our daily #nutsoffame and selecting the best nutscapes just for you is always a challenge! Nonetheless, patience always pays off, so sit back and enjoy the BEST #BALLS of the day!

From Vietnam, a #nutscape to remember. A picture that speaks more than a thousand words. A scene that makes you wander with your mind and soul, in a far away, exotic land, where #balls are usually shown next to rice fields to wish prosperity. #welldone


Our friend benjaldun writes on his instagram page: "If only I could capture one great moment each day... Afterwards, Life is what happens while doing plans!". Chapeau, sir, #youredoingitright and thus, you deserve the 2nd place. Well done!

People might disagree with the first place today, but there is something in this picture that we cannot explain... Or maybe, since #nutscaping is #balls in a natural environment and this picture has them in an artificial one... And then the blue color, that almost winterish feeling... well, brunch_life, you got us. You won. Congrats. We loved your #balls.


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