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NUTS OF FAME 2015-11-05

A brand nuts day, a brand new #nutsoffame . Guys, what started like a joke is really becoming serious! Keep sending us your #ballpics , let’s make the best #testicular collection of the world! Go #nutscaping ! #nutscapemania

I love this third place, this third place is like the first person that welcomes you when you go to a party. It's bronze, but to get there, he worked like gold. #nuts up for the third place by that deserves our admiration for their amazing idea. #nutscapingmania #thirdplace #nutsoffame #nutscapingcom 


Second step on the starway to heave#nuts . mikehsarmiento gives us this rendition of 007 - Mission #nutsfinger , with all the passion and the care a professional #nutscaper could put into creating such a piece of art. That simmetry, that gun, those #balls. Actually, deez #nuts . Whatever. Please take a deep breath and stay here for a moment before going to the fìrst place. Cause admiring the second, waiting for the tension to build up and then see the top, it's the reason why the #nutsoffame exists.

#balls with no hair are useless. Long live the hairy balls and this stunning view of the ocean.

Two words: first place. Two words: nice #balls . Two words: #nutscapemania rules. One winner: our French friend tuxboard .

That's all folks! See you tomorrow!

The Team


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