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What is a Nutscape?



The fine art of Nutscaping is, first of all, about nature. Nature and its powerful force, nature and his magnificent beauty, nature that amazes and inspires you. To Nutscape something is not just performing a humorous act, it’s a celebration of life itself.

It might sound hippie, but in the end, nature is what keeps humanity alive, right? And what’s better than taking pictures in nature to share her beauty with the world?

“…Ok, but what about the balls?” you might ask.

The testicles simbolyze the man and the act of insemination. Pairing them with an image of nature results in the divine union of masculine and feminine, in the ying and yang that is at the very roots of existence… Nutscape.

A mystical act, a spiritual journey, a must-do for anyone who wants to get closer to the question that has been puzzling humanity since its beginning… “What is the meaning of life?”