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What People Say

Look what people say about us! They are not nuts at all! Share your #nutsperience with us!

I used to smoke more than one pack of cigarettes per day. Since i go to nature to nutscape I have understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I stopped smoking and can finally breathe! God bless!
Bjorn Mettelhorn
Nutscaping changed my life. I left my 9 to 5 job and became a professional nutscaper. now i travel the world and take pics of my balls in places I only dreamt of. Thanks!
Jeremy Carson
North Dakota
I was suffering from sexual arousal deficiency. Since I started nutscaping and got used to see my balls in nature. I felt so empowered... And one day, I simply woke up and my problem had disappeared. Now i make love to my wife everyday.
Thobias Wittelberg
If it wasn't for nutscaping, our organization wouldn't have been able to raise this much awareness towards the serious problem that is testicle baldness. Now all our members get the attention they deserve! Thanks,!
Pedro Alvaro Sanchez
President and CEO of, a medical company
I thought I had enough of my life, which was basically one disaster after another. My wife had left me taking my children with her and I got fired from my job. I thought I was done, until I joined the nutscaping community... These people are amazing! The strenght they have in facin even the most difficult challenges in life gave me back my self esteem and faith in my capabilities. Now, after 3 months, I found a new job which fulfills me like never before. Nutscape for life.
Jan Mayer
Czech Republic
When i was young i was always bullied by my fellow schoolmates and later on, by the guys at university ad at work. I was lost, years of swallowing pills and therapy did not help at all. Until I discovered . I was blind I was not accepting myself for who I really was. Now I'm free, I'm happy. I'll tell you the same way they told me: Pants down and show us your balls!
Andrew John Guzman