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Your Nutscapes

Did it ever happen in your life that you wished you were present for that special moment, be it your favourite team winning the final match of the season or that historic event everybody is talking about? If you are one of those person that say “I wish I had witnessed that” say no more, you are in the right place!
Here at we are reshaping the way people are taking selfies, giving them a brand new perspective and giving all the selfies aficionados brand new “eyes” to see the world. Dont step back on this opportunity and write history with us!

How do you do that? Simple! Take a nutscape, publish it on your Twitter or Instagram and include one of the hashtags #‎nutscapemania or ‪#‎nutscapingcom.
All the tagged pictures will appear here, in this page, updated every 10 minutes.

Every day we will select the best 3 nutscapes and upload them in our leaderboard, the Nuts of Fame, where they will be give the place they deserve in our Nutsfolio.

What are you waiting for? Nutscape is the new selfie.